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The love for old cars and motorbikes goes way back to the sixties, when my father was repairing and restoring oldtimers at those times as well.

His first true veteran car was a 1936 NSU Fiat Cabrio, bought in terribly worn conditions, with which, having it restored to its full glory, he won its category in the Csongrad Oltimer Fair between 1973 and 1975. This car is still the pride of our family.

During the years, motorbikes worked on by him have won several awards and recognitions. He committed his life to these vehicles, and he kept collecting and restoring them as long as he lived.

I have grown up in this atmosphere. I have been surrounded by cars and motorbikes since the day I was born. I ran on a national motorbike race when I was five. I learnt to love the profession working with my father. I find great pleasure and challenge reviving cars considered to be wrecks by others.

That is why I decided to found a company to carry on the legacy of my father working with oldtimer cars. I put great emphasis on the happiness of our clients with out work, as we attempt to bring out as much as possible of every vehicle.

We are four at the moment, and we are related to several companies. That's how we can ensure a full restoration of cars.